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072101-429S.jpg I have an old Porsche that I use for everyday driving. It's web site is where I keep track of the effort needed to keep it running. There are about 600 images on the site that show things I've done to the car and pictures of other and similar cars.

The picture on the left shows a problem that occurred on the way home the other day when the coil fell out of its bracket.

The point of this note is to show the improvement a tripod makes in image quality. I took two pictures of the engine compartment, one without the tripod, the other with it.

Hand Held


Don't confuse the out of focus areas for camera shake. The area that I see a big difference is to the left of the central mounting bolt.

The angle is slightly different but the magnification of each of the images is the same.



Here a similar view using the tripod. I think the differences are obvious.

Normally I use some sharpening (the Photoshop Unsharp Mask) on WEB pictures, but I did not in this case for fear that the mask might make the raw images seem closer in quality than they really are.

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