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Summicron 35mm f2 Aspheric

The latest Summicron 35 mm f2 lens is an Aspheric design. Leica's description is:

PRE "Particularly compact, wide-angle lens with aspherical lens surface for excellent optical performance. "7 elements in five groups with one aspheric surface. "The abbreviation "ASPH", added to the name, applies to the aspherical lens surface that provides this optical system with unsurpassed image performance. In comparison to its predecessor SUMMICRON-M f/2/35 mm the lens distinguishes itself through improvements such as considerable enhancement throughout the entire image field in the brilliance of the image, which means a better reproduction of big structures event at full aperture, as well as a better reproduction of fine details. START

Test Shots

L19-13pS Fog rolling in over the Marine Headlands North of the Golden Gate Bridge.
L19-16pS Ferns taken at Pinnacles National Monument in full shade. Delta 400.
L19-18pS Marco on the trail at Pinnacles National Monument.

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