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We bought a 1963 vintage collapsable 50mm f2.8 Elmar. Here are some pictures from it.


The last roll of color negative shot with the M4-2 showed no problems with the light leak. Weird.


Took a day off from work to visit Hawk Hill to see the anual migration of hawks as they cross the Marine Headlands just North of San Francisco and to try out my new (used) M6 body. Now I can shoot both color and black & white.


I'm getting some light leaks from my M4-2. Here is the worst example seen so far. This is the only time a frame has been ruined in the 23 rolls I've shot so far. This particular roll had two other problem frames, but they are lightly enough fogged that the images are usable with a bit of work with photo shop. The problem may be correlated with leaving the camera in the direct sun for a time while changing lenses. Suggestions have been that the shutter curtain is no longer light tight, or that light is getting around the baffles or between the two curtains, perhaps caused by something (a piece of film?) caught in the shutter. A careful inspection has not identified where the problem occurs.


Initial impression of the Canon S800 printer compared to our HP 970Cse.


One of the options available at the local Wolf Camera is to get Photo CD scans with your film, essentially for free - that is buy one set of prints and you don't have to pay for the Photo CD. I used to do this on the Porche 912 web site that is the companion to this site. However, now that we have the Canoscan FS2710 we can update these images. Here is a comparison of the results.

Here are the first test shots with my new Summicron ASPH f2 35mm lens. This now rounds out the basic Leica M compliment with 35 mm, 50 mm and 90 mm lenses.


I loaded the M4-2 with Delta 400 and went to the Monterey Historic Races yesterday. The featured mark this year was Bentley. The first shots were of the Bentley EXP Speed 8 which unexpectedly came in 3rd place at Le Mans this year. Wow! I am so pleased with the tonal quality of this film.


It is time to start working on some black and white. The film selected is Ilford Delta 400 and the developer is Kodak XTOL. Here are the results which are interesting. This first test suggests the optimum ASA should be 200 rather than the rated ASA 500. I'll not try to explain this result, although we do not know how accurate the shutter is on the old camera.


By downloading the latestversion of [ Adaptec's ASPI 32] software, the CanoScan FS2710 now works correctly with Photoshop on Windows 2000 Professional. I was using Win NT 4.0 for the scanner because I could not get the CanoScan software to recognize the SCSI adapter.


Added a note on the use of a tripod, which is useful even for the Point and Shoot digital cameras.


New toys! A used 90mm f2.8 Elmarit-M is on the way - mail order. Now that's a scary thought.


I found a picture of my first Leica and the Nikon S3 that replaced it.


I changed my Picture-A-Week for this week to one that has some people on it. People seem to like pictures of people more than things. As a result there is more discussion about them.


Started to play the game suggested by Kyle Cassidy called Picture A Week.


Redid all the pictures for the Cambodian portfolio, changing the process. The thumb-nails are 130 pixels wide, down from 150 to make faster loading at the expense of visibility. Also changed the formula on the tone to get rid of a green cast that my first effort had.


Added some pictures of Cambodian refugees taken in 1983. This is a first cut at a gallery series that has forced some changes to the design of the site including elimination of the navigation panel on the left of each page.


First picture posted: is it sharp?


First results back from processing. 2 rolls of Kodak Gold 100 taken at the Palo Alto Concours d'Elegance. Impression: Camera works and pictures are sharp. Exposure better than I expected. Working on posting some examples.


We purchased M4-2 ($850) with f2 50mm Sumicron ($500) from Keeble and Shuchat in Palo Alto. Other choices were the Voigtlander Bessa R, the Contax G2 and even the Leica Minilux.

Later in the day I started to put together this web site on photography using the same general mechanisms as the 912 site. The purpose of the site is to collect what I am learning in one place. There is a lot of information on the internet, but it takes hours to find, read, and assimilate. We'll try to capture some highlights.

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