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My Leica and Other Cameras

Well, it is kind of what you might expect, being ignorant about these cameras. The informative site is where I discovered an interesting question about my camera.
062401-404S Here is the camera, lens and strap.
062401-410S And this is the top view which shows the problem clearly. The serial number is not correct according to one list. Do I care?
101101-484S New gear. A recent M6 TTL, a new Summicron ASPH 35mm f2 and the Elmarit M 90mm f2.8.

Older Cameras

The M4-2 is actually my third Leica. This Leica IIIc was the first 35mm camera I bought. I was in high school. Unfortunately it never took very good pictures and was traded for the Nikon below which took some fine images. The second was a IIIf in the early 70's that may have taken a nice picture at the beach.

nikon_s3S In the early 60's I got a Nikon S3. The photojournalists at the time were beginning to try Japanese cameras and it was common to see them carrying the better version of the S3 called the SP. I had the famous Nikkor 50mm 1.4 and a wonderful 105 mm lens for this camera. I used it for shooting pictures for the local campus news paper called the Rag at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

Evidently this camera would be a real collectors item today.

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