an anachronistic view of amateur photography in the digital age
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Photo Links


* James Nachtwey. Check Time Magazine for some of his recent work. (12/9/01) * Sebastiõ Salgado. Salgado uses black and white film in Leica R6.2 cameras in his work. He has several books that are powerful and political, concentrating on repressed humans around the world. * Ralph Gibson * Sylvia Plachy * Martine Frank * Mary Ellen Mark

* David Seymour (Chim) * Baubat * Robert Doisneau

Sites worth visiting

* Michael H. Reichmann The Luminous Landscape. Non-commercial. Landscape, Nature using digital techniques. There are several PhotoShop tutorials and lots of other stuff. The Java Script navigation sucks. (The WEB is designed to be vendor neutral, but this site seems to be Microsoft browser specific and that is really annoying).

* Don Krehbiel Minox, Metol & Macintosh. There are some instructions on setting up your monitor on this site.


* Digital Journalist * Wild Light Photo.


* Leica Camera M System Factory site in English.

* Erwin Puts Leica pages.

* Review of the M6 by Kirk Tuck in

* M Classics Camera Bags. One of the favorite camera bags for Leica photographers is the Domke J-803.

* LUG Leica Users Group archives.

* Andrew Nemeth Leica FAQ. He seems typically arrogant and condescending, but this is a good read.

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