an anachronistic view of amateur photography in the digital age
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I am a beginner with the Leica equipment. This WEB site is my own record of what I am re-learning about the practice, art and now the process of making prints using a combination of film and digital technology.

The first step is to gain some competence with the medium. Color or Black and White? What film to use? Who and or how to process it? How to scan the images? Which scanner? How to use PhotoShop for our digital darkroom? How to make prints? How do we organize and save negatives, scanned images, and information about each? We have a lot of work to do.

* A high level process for print making.

* A comparison between film and digital cameras for WEB applications. Because the resolution of the final image is poor, there is little difference between the two techniques.

* A bit of Leica history * My Leica - Not a collectable... * Does it take sharp pictures? * The Canon Powershot S100 digital camera.

* Some film information

* Some scanner information

* A start of a page on print process.

* Use a tripod for best quality even/especially with a point and shoot digital camera.

* Should you rely on Photo Drive Up scans?. Well, the quality is not that great. And you can certainly see the difference event for WEB photos.

* Here is our experience with HP, Canon and Epson printers.

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