an anachronistic view of amateur photography in the digital age
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In June 2001, we bought a used Leica with a 50mm lens. This WEB site is my record of what we are learning to blend fine old equipment into the digital age.

I have been doing serious photography since the late 1950's with view cameras, Rolleis, Leica and Nikon range finder cameras, Hasselblad, Nikon and Canon SLRs. I did some commercial photography including news and lab work to contribute to my college education, but decided over 40 years ago that for me the field is good hobby and a bad business. We still have a lot of old negatives, some of which are worth printing.

Our Porsche 912 web site has over 300 images made with Canon Powershot S100. Inexpensive 2 megapixel digital cameras make fine WEB images. We have some comparison shots with the Leica that proves this point.

Significantly highter quality images can be made using film, a scanner, Photoshop and an inkjet printer. This is our play ground.

If you are looking for information, check out Articles. If you want images see the gallery.



We bought a 1963 vintage collapsable 50mm f2.8 Elmar. Here are some pictures from it.


The last roll of color negative shot with the M4-2 showed no problems with the light leak. Weird.


Took a day off from work to visit Hawk Hill to see the anual migration of hawks as they cross the Marine Headlands just North of San Francisco and to try out my new (used) M6 body. Now I can shoot both color and black & white.


I'm getting some light leaks from my M4-2. Here is the worst example seen so far. This is the only time a frame has been ruined in the 23 rolls I've shot so far. This particular roll had two other problem frames, but they are lightly enough fogged that the images are usable with a bit of work with photo shop. The problem may be correlated with leaving the camera in the direct sun for a time while changing lenses. Suggestions have been that the shutter curtain is no longer light tight, or that light is getting around the baffles or between the two curtains, perhaps caused by something (a piece of film?) caught in the shutter. A careful inspection has not identified where the problem occurs.


Initial impression of the Canon S800 printer compared to our HP 970Cse.

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