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Matt Wynne's 1968 912

Here are some pictures of Matt's 1968 912, a very handsome car.
Hi Dave.

First things first. Great site! It is the best 912 site on the net that I have found. It has been invaluable during the purchase of my first Porsche, a 1968 912.
I have attached a couple of pics of my pride and joy. This is my first
summer with the car and I am taking full advantage of what sun we do
have over here in the UK, and getting the car out when ever I can.
The car has been fully restored and re-sprayed in Porsche Arctic
Silver. It turns heads where ever it goes.
Keep up the good work with the site.
It's a shame there isn't a better 912 following in the UK.  You very
very rarely see any other 912's here.  I am also finding it difficult
to find any garages that know anything about the cars.  Maybe you
could start a resources page on you web site were people could suggest
garages, other web sites, stores etc. that they have used or know of.
You could have the resources listed by country.  That way you will
over time build up a comprehensive database of these resources.  Only
a suggestion, but maybe worth a think about!
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