Lodi Concours Yosemite Region 2001

Again Rick, my brother, and I drove to Lodi which is located between interstate 5 and U.S. 99, north of Stockton and south of Sacramento. There are vineyards here. We went to this same event last year.

Rick's camera wasn't working so he took some pictures with my digital camera while I used the new Leica.

Digital Pictures

This is a lovely '70s coupe.
070101_0420 The engine compartment of the early 1973 911T (mechanical injection). This is the same car that we first noticed at the concours in Sacramento earlier this year. My '73 911T had CIS electronic fuel injection. He has had few problems with the mechanical injection over the years, but does not get good mileage with it - typically 13 mpg.
070101_0424 Checking for dirt while judging Robert Murray's 1953 Cabriolet that we saw at Fresno in May. This is a show car. He has driven it only 15 miles!
070101_0425 Oops. Found some dirt which gets rubbed on the score sheet. This is a gorgeous car that started with the current owner as a basket case 31 years ago. He paid $300 for the car. Had to borrow money from his dad to complete the transaction.

35mm Pictures

These images scanned from a roll of 35mm Kodak Gold color negative film. The originals are very nice in quality and could be printed in sizes up to 13 x 19 in.
l3-06 The selection is from the judging of many of the 356 entries.

Here is judge Dennis Stetner looking into the luggage compartment of the red 356 B Coupe with flames on the front fender (peel off). It is owned by Karl Keller of Sonora.
l3-08 This Red 356 A Coupe is owned by none other than Bob Garretson (also of Sonora). Yes, Bob Garretson who won the FIA World Endurance Drivers Championship and the IMSA prize in 1981 driving a 935.

You can read Bruce Anderson's account of Garretson's 935 here. Quite a story.
l3-09 Dennis inspecting the auditing the tool kit of Bobs car.
l3-11 A nice silver 356. As I recall, this is the first time the owner of this car has entered it.
l3-16 Three more shots of the 1953 Cabriolet mentioned above.
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