Replacing a Turn Signal Lens

The turn signals on early 900 series Porsches are rare and expensive in the parts supply chain. However, lenses are now available as replacement parts. You can get both European and US design front and rear lenses for about $75 each.

I replaced the front left lens. It is very simple to do.
043-969-24 Here is the old left side lens assembly. The other side had been replaced. This one is faded.
043-969-25 The new lens has tabs that fit into the metal housing and comes with two brass bushings for the mounting screws.
651-361-02 Inspect and clean the assembly. The lens is held to the assembly with two brass bushings for the mounting screws and plastic tabs that have been heat formed.
651-361-03 Grind down the tabs with a Dremel tool. Drill out the back of each of the brass bushings.
651-361-04 Use a clear silicone sealant to replace the gasket between the lens and the assembly.

Install the new bushings and flair the back. I used a Phillips screw driver at one end and a round bolt head to form the flair at the other end.
651-361-05 Heat the tabs to expand them. A soldering iron and powerstat to control the heat works adequately.

Reinstall. The gasket from the lens to the car body needs replacing on my car. I used the silicone sealant to repair the old gasket until I can find a new one.
110500-37 Replacing the body to turn signal seals is not too bad. The biggest problem is cleaning off the old seal. The 3M adhesive cleaner helps this task.
110500-39 Gasket cement will work to glue the new seal to the freshly cleaned groove in the turn signal assembly.

The seals are available from Porsche, although you should check the parts before removing the turn signals. I received two right front seals instead of a left and a right.
Last modified: Sun, 05 Nov 2000


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