Turn Signal Blinker

The turn signal blinker is an old thermal flasher design that only works marginally well on my car. It's main problem is the speed of the blink varies with the temperature and probably the battery voltage. It sometimes blinks just fine and other times blinks very slowly and with a short duration for the 'on' state.

Simple, just get the factory replacement part and plug it in. Everything will improve.

Hmmm, not so simple. I plugged in a new one and it did not work at all.

The new part is made by Kracker and is labeled 'Blinkegeber 2/4x21W+0bis4W', part number is 20.0900.10. Don't buy this one.

Why doesn't it work? Maybe because it is simply defective or the wrong part. Or the load is different than it is rated. (I tend to favor this idea). Both parts are 3 prong relays. Later turn signal relays have 4 prongs.

So I tried an American one. I selected the EL13 Electronic variable load flasher found at the local Kragen auto parts store. It works fine. The cost for either of them is the same at about $8.
011301-153 So where is the flasher relay anyway? Next to the fuse block. Access is from the trunk. It is that shiny aluminum cylinder in this picture.
011301-154 The carefully researched replacement part that did not work for me.
011301-155 Here is the original Hella thermal unit and the new electronic replacement from my local Kragen that seems to work just fine.
Last modified: Sat, 13 Jan 2001


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