Todds '67 912 Restoration - May 21 Update


This is the drivers side jointing area where the new rocker mates up to the door jam area. I had to actually hang the door back on to ensure that I got the "right" line. That would be a fatal error if I was off on this measurement. I wouldn't be able to undo what I did. You know, the door wouldn't close. This was very challenging!

I had to prep the inside of the flared rear fender and cut fit and re-cut 4 pieces of 20 gauge metal stock. I purchased the 16 and 20 gauge metal sheets at a local farm/tractor store out here. They were cheap about 3-5 bucks a piece. The welding it self is very tricky here and I wanted to make sure you saw this. Easy to blow holes in this thin metal and difficult to adhere to the fender flare. You can't see it but there is a ridge line behind the original flare line where the old was cut out and the flare welded in. More on that when I start in on the body work.
Drv_Tail_Assy Here is a shot of the driver's tail light assembly that I spent last Sunday working on.

The weather was nice and cool (still is), reminds me of the mild weather you have out their all the time.

I used cardboard as a template and then stuck the lens assembly in place to get the "right" fit. I used some more of the 20 gauge metal that I bought in 16x24 inch sheets. The drivers side was harder to do, because more rust and less metal to "tack" to.

For this last 2 welding areas, I have run out of gas so really I'm just tack welding here. Through the project I have developed enough skill that I could create enough heat that would self ignite the welding rod to give me a continuous burn. It doesn't look that pretty but I don't really care, no body is going to see it when I'm done.

It really has added the strength that I needed through here.

You remember seeing what the heck am I going to do with the old around the Master Cylinder/Gas Pedal area? You have seen some of the pictures before, that shows a hole around that area, well here is a shot that shows yet another patch, boy there sure has been a few patches!

I had to make sure that I didn't burn through this area, again very thin metal. It was difficult to get here too. Some what I did was use more 20 gauge metal, trimmed out a piece to fit and wa-yal!

Well this is the last shot of the welding. This is a snap shot of the passenger rear tail light assembly. Again, I had to due a lot of fitting, trimming and re-fitting. Even after a had them welded in I had to trim additional metal off of the quarter inch tab that I built on the outer edge to mate up against the gasket of the new tail light assembly. As a rap up of the welding project. I borrowed a buddy's welder (MIG). It is a very nice one, Snap-on that can run at 90 or 140 amps. I got the best spark and needed the heat out of 140. I used 3 cylinders of compressed gas (Size 80 cu ft). The mixture was 75% Argon and 25% carbon Dioxide. And I used almost 3 big wheels of solid .30 gauge wire that cost only 21 bucks for a 10 pound reel.

Well Dave, next project is moving on to metal and body prep. Talk to you later.
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