Todds '67 912 Restoration - February Update

Here are some pictures sent to Bill at Restoration Design and me showing progress Todd is making on his restoration project. It is obvious that the folks at Restoration Design are helping a lot with this project.

Hello Bill & Dave,

Here are some shots of the floor panels. It may take several emails because the pictures are big and my email service provider doesn't allow me to send big files.

Dave, making progress. I tried sending a bunch last night and popped my email server. This shot was the first time I had touched a mig welder in over 20 years. It took a little time to get the right heat, sped and arc.
This is a shot of the front pan from Restoration Design and Bill also
sent me the angle iron that I'm using to mate the old with new.  You
can see through this picture that I finally got a good bead going that
flowed well.
Here is a shot of the rear pan, I'm getting ready to weld it in this
coming weekend.

Ok, I have more time to drop you a note. I sent you a couple of
pictures that your probably not sure what they are for.

Well I was talking to Bill @ Restoration Design, where I got some of my "fab" parts. I explained what it is that he sent me and what I really needed. One part of confusion was the fender jointing panels got run just in front of the doors running top to bottom. What he sent me was a perfect fix, but the passenger side didn't match. He took the time out to explain to me that "one side" has a couple of "odd years". I guess my "67" is one of those years. What happen is the Drivers side has a good fit, running right over the old weld bead that I cut off. The bottom of my old ones that rusted away. That's another area about what you were talking about, where I should have looked for a "donor" body.

But Dave, How much fun! for I would not have if I didn't take on this project. I just found out from my buddy Doug (Miller) that he may need his welder back. That's if he has to replace a main horizontal beam on his Toyota pick-up. It is actually accelerating my time line where I need to get most of the "major" reconstruction moving. So please I may not be able to pick up with you for awhile, but rest assured that I will be making progress....progress.....progress..........

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