Todds '67 Restoration Original

The series is the overview of the front pan. As you can see I have my
work cut out for me. There is so much rust that I'm going to be
cutting and replacing so much metal.

One step at a time, I hope you enjoy them. Again, Your web site is a great source for me, not only for the references that you provide. But I really like reading your input and thoughts about how to go at a problem. Tell me, have you ever seen such a basket case, I'm sure most people would throw in the towel on a 67 like mine.

Best regards, Todd
todd_058 The back view of the 67.
todd_057 Overview of the front pan.
todd_059 Close up of the driver's side.
todd_060 The passenger side where the pan is matching against the old metal.
todd_061 Back seat area.
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