Talbot Mirror

The original Durant mirror on my car was not good. It did not adjust and did not look good. I decided to upgrade by getting a Talbot Junior mirror from Aardvark International calling it Asha's present to the 912.

This is the mirror that was an option on the car when new. My first 912 had one like it.

The installation was done in an afternoon but there were a number of problems to solve along the way.

If you want one, you may want to consider the Talbot Senior which is larger in diameter. We'll see how I like this one. According to the manufacturer, the Junior is 3.5 in. in diameter and the Senior is 4 in. in diameter. The Durant is just over 4 in. The Junior is commonly purchased for small cars like the 912 and the Senior is for vintage Mercedes and Jaguars.
031225-4315 Here are the pieces out of the box. Pretty simple and very beautiful. I got the version with the convex lens to expand the field of view.
031226_4316 No problem to remove the old one and mount the new one, right? Just remove the nuts on the inside of the door, clean the dirt from under the old mirror and mount the new one. Right. It would be good if one of my projects was actually that easy. The front nut came right off. The rear one was hard to access even with an articulated 1/4 in. drive 10 mm socket. Finally I was able to get a box end wrench in the hole to see why it was not coming off. The bolt was turning with the nut!
031226_4317 I decided to sacrifice the Durant. If the Talbot Junior does not work out, I'll have to get another new mirror. A bit of work with a cut off tool on a dremel and we can see what's the problem. The rear sliding mounting bolt has a notch in it. A flap of metal is supposed to capture the bolt allowing it to slide back and forth but not rotate. The flap was lifted and was no longer capturing the bolt.
031226_4325 Here is the bottom view of the Durant showing the fixed bolt at the front and sliding one at the rear. The flap is pushed up and away from the bolt, allowing it to turn and preventing us from removing the mirror without destroying it.
031226_4318 The mirror is now removed and we can check how it should be mounted. Not good news. First, since the mirror could not be removed, when the door was painted with clear coat last year, the mirror stayed on the car allowing a ridge of paint to build up. This will have to be removed. The second problem is the U-shaped mounting bolt for the new mirror is too narrow for the holes. One solution might be to drill a new hole. However, the U-bolt will still not work because back side of the door in that area is probably too close to the front surface to feed it through. Do not get the U-bold mounting for an early 900 series car.
031226_4320 The old mirror and its mount had seen better days. Not only was their build up of clear coat around the edges, the metal was pulled up particularly at the front mounting hole. This was handled with a bit of judicious pounding with a body hammer. The excess paint was wet sanded flat and then a series of finer grit polishing compounds was used to get the finish back to an acceptable level of flatness and polish.
031226_4323 Here we are nearly done. A bit of touch up paint and a cross check to see that the new mirrors base plate covers the worst of the damage.
031226_4326 Now to address the problem of the mounting bolts a trip to the hardware store and $4 netted more than enough parts to mount the mirror even with some mistakes.
031226_4330 The solution that seems to work is to bend the bolts, heating them with a butane torch while holding one end in a vise. The front bolt required the most radical bend.
031226-4327 Excess threads were cut off with the dremel cut off tool that had done so well in destroying the Durant.
031226_4329 A trial fitting shows it all may work. After some additional minor adjustment, cleaning the parts with a wire wheel and the application of some RTV to provide a bit of cushion and stability for the back bolts for assembly the mirror was bolted together.
031226_4331 Here is the finished installation - front view. That lovely streamlined shape should be worth 1/10 horsepower don't you think?
031226_4333 Here is the view from the back.
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