Swanson's Place, Melbourne Australia

Along the way they have managed to collect some fine examples that Asha and I got to see, thanks to Joseph Armstrong who was gracious enough to take us to the shop and provide the introductions.

It is too bad we only saw Joseph's 1966 912 at night and did not get any pictures to share, but it too is an outstanding automobile, white with red upholstery.

 1968 912

020409-926 The back of Peter's 1968 912. The first owner was the importer of Porsche automobiles in the 60's. This car is in outstanding shape, a gold medal winner. Much of the paint is original. It has chrome wheels and the original boot (trunk) carpeting.
020409-925 The engine of Peter Swanson's 1968 912 has been powder coated with the fan shroud the color of the super 90 engine.
020409-923 The exhaust system was built by Maury Swanson in Melbourne, and features equal length tubes for each of the cylinders. He will fabricate these to order and has shipped them all over the world.
020409-927 This car is a factory right hand drive car picked up in Germany by the original owner. It is not uncommon for old Porsches to be imported from California and converted to right hand drive.
020409-929 The dealer sold after market rear window louvers to protect against the strong Australian summer sun.
020409-941 The original tool kit. Note the condition and color of the plastic pouch which holds the tire gauge. The screw drivers are also original.

 1955 Porsche Continental

020409-931 The 1955 Continental is another car to lust for. Metallic Jade in color, gorgeously prepared.

Note the 1969 911 in the background. This is another car in beautiful and very original condition. It has not been prepared yet but will be a winner when finished.
020409-934 The Continental was entered in this year's 1000 Milimiglia, driven by Maury rally where it did not miss a beat.
020409-933 The engine has many original features. Note the distributor and the fuel filter.
020409-935 The interior includes a period accurate Telefunken radio, flower vase and a rally spot light.
020409-937 The period correct spot light can be seen in this picture mounted on the wind screen.
020409-938 Under the bonnet.

 Other cars

020409-942 The 356 is a California import being converted to Australian road rules for a customer.

There are two 914s also. A lovely red one that has been converted to right hand drive and the green one in the corner that has had some restoration work completed. It needs about a week of reassembly.

Behind the blue 911 was a restored black VW with a Judsen blower. That was the hot setup back in the 60s and surprises people yet today.


020409-943 The Swansons travel to the US on buying expeditions at least once per year, often stopping at the Pomona Swap Meet in LA. Here is a corner of their parts room with a shelf full of vintage radios.
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