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Solex 40 P II-4 Cross Section

The carburetor basically consists of the main body and cover, with a gasket separating the two. The main body contains two induction barrels, each having an independent idle and power metering system. The throttle shaft, which passes through both barrels, controls both throttle valves and carries a throttle return stop and throttle arm.


  1. Idle metering jet
  2. Idle air bleed
  3. Venturi
  4. Preatomizer
  5. Power enrichment nozzle
  6. Air correction jet
  7. Emulsioning tube
  8. Power enrichment jets
  9. Air correction jet
  10. Emulsioning tube
  11. Power enrichment nozzle
  12. Preatomizer
  13. Venturi
  14. Idle air bleed
  15. Idle metering jet
  16. Main jet carrier
  17. Idle mixture adjustment
  18. Throttle valve
  19. Float chamber
  20. Throttle valve
  21. Idle mixture adjustment
  22. Main jet carrier
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