SB800 - California SMOG Rules

If you are in California and are currently exempted from smog testing because the model year of your car is from 1966 to 1973, read on.

The 912 finds itself in the unenviable position of being at the beginning of California Polution control. This will have an impact to our cars because of remote testing.

Our cars have been exempt from bi-annual testing. We are not exempt from meeting the emission requirements of the year our car was built. And now there is new regulations that will catch cars my remote sensing.

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing starts Jan, 2003. It is designed to identify cars passing a testing station that are 'gross poluters'.

Current News

Current news is found in these links:

  • www.smogrfg.com. You can find summaries of the current legislative and regulatory information here.

IMRC Recommendations

  1. Include 1966-73 vehicles in the smog check program. They represent 1% of the vehicles and 7% of the HC emissions, 8% of the CO emissions and 4% of the NOx emissions. Insured classics would be exempted (and essentially, if you drive it it's not a classic).
  2. Make all 1966-73 vehicles eligible for the voluntary vehicle retirement program.
  3. Tightens the penalties for smog test fraud.
  4. Implement remote sensing program to collect data, eliminate gross polluters and provide motorists with data about the state of their vehicles. There is a single remote sensing unit on a freeway ramp in Denver that measures more than a million cars per year.
  5. Add a visual leak check to the smog check visual inspection. (My solexes would be in trouble here.)
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