I replaced the shocks July, 2003, after John Thornton drove my car after I complained about wondering on the road. The front right and rear left were not working correctly.

Koni shocks and struts were optional and were fitted to my car. If your car has these units, the only option is to replace them with new Koni's. Koni also makes inserts that can be fitted into the standard struts. It is not possible to buy Bilsteins that will fit into Koni struts, however.
030626-2915 Front inserts. These can be purchased in pairs for the front or back.
030626-2913 Rear shocks.
agfa-03 Diagram indicating the shocks are adjustable in impact.
agfa-05 Adjusting the shocks.
agfa-13 Diagram showing adjustment procedure.
agfa-01 For the rear shocks, the large diameter part goes up.
agfa-02a Diagram showing the instruction sheets for the rear shocks.
agfa-02b Diagram showing final tightening of the lower bolt should be when the car is on its wheels.
agfa-04 Diagram showing how to orient the shocks.
agfa-07 Washer order and torque values for the top of the shock.
agfa-10 Detail of the front strut connection.
agfa-11 50 ml of (motor) oil should be in the strut before inserting the shock cartridge.
agfa-12 Torque values for the shocks.
030629-2938 Caps on top of the shocks. These came with the Koni package.
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