Serial Numbers

The breakdown of serial numbers for 912 by year according to Dr. B. Johnson in The 911 & 912 Porsche. A Restorer's Guide to Authenticity is:

 Year Porsche (1) Karmann (2) Targa
 1965 350001-351970 450001-454470 
 1966 351971-353000 454470-458100 
 1967 354001-355601 458101-463204 550001-550544
 1968 (3) 12820001- 12800001- 12870001-
 1969 129020001-129023450 (4) 129000001-129004280 129010001-129010801

  1. Assembled by Porsche
  2. Assembled by Karmann
  3. Information incomplete for 1968 serial numbers.
  4. A couple of people have suggested that this series has vehicles assembled by Karmann indicating Johnson's data is in error.

The owners manual describes where to find serial numbers on the 912. In my case the desciption does not match reality in one case.

Vehicle Identification Number

There are 3 places to find the chasis number. This number is now referred to as the VIN number and is the number that is on your registration and/or title.

First is inside the front door. This one includes the paint code. In my case 6608-G. 6608 is color - Aga Blue, and G is the manufacturer of the paint, Glasurit.
011302-647 Under the hood to the left of the hood latch is the second tag which includes the serial number, the model and some weights.

This label is interesting because the owners manual shows a different position for it - behind the rear tire.
011302-654 Here is the area behind the rear tire. From front to back is the top of the spare tire, the fuel tank which is molded to fit around the spare, a cross member which has the serial number on the left and the lid for the compartment designed for the gas fired heater.
011302-651 Here is the serial chassis number on the cross member shown in the previous picture.

Obviously all three numbers should match - and they do in my car. However, a lot of strange things can happen in 35 years.
serial A note from Jouni Pollarinen:
Hi Dave
I found fourth place for a serial number !!
I am not sure if it is only for -68 models. But it's very
difficult place, so I just wondering maybe it could be good
place to look and see if everything is ok.
Its behind lower dash padding. So you have to unfit that
padding first. I put a picture, maybe that help you. And
thank god, thats not my car :-)
Yours Jouni

Thanks, and I have to believe there may still more serial numbers stamped in the body work.

Engine Number

011302-658 The engine number is stamped on the nose section of the case, below the generator.

The case for the engine is a three piece assembly. The nose, and the left and right pieces that hold the crank shaft. You can actually see the parting line between the nose piece and the left half of the crank case in this picture.

There are two more numbers visible on the left and right halves of the engine case behind the generator stand. The left is the case serial number. The one on the right is the model number of the engine.

The best discussion of these numbers is in the Maestro's book, The Secrets of the Inner Circle. and Johnson. Here is a synopsis of that data.

  • Porsche did not provide ending numbers for 1968 and 1969.
  • There are gaps in the numbers - do not infer production quantities from this data.

 Year Starting Ending
 1965 740001 744210
   830001 832090
 1966 744211 750001
   832091 836000
 1967 750001 756195
   836001 837070
 1968 1080001 1080204
   1280001 1285700
 1969 4090000 4097000

Transmission Numbers

020210-737 Both the transmission type and serial number are stamped on the bottom of the tranmsission case. The type is just below the differential. It shows 902/1, the five speed.
020210-740 The transmission serial number is on the bottom of the transmission close to engine. The number is 234140.
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