3 Point Seat Belts


Some concern has been expressed about the safety of the shoulder attach point. The bolt diameter is smaller than the standard 7/16". This fact in combination with the high attach points for the lower bolts suggests it would be wise to redesign the whole affair. In fact Porsche has done just that - redesigning the seatbelts many times over the years. Some later seats include the attach points, although mine were not included.

Other parts are available. The Andover Companies sell seat belt parts designed for retrofit. Another possibility is from Julianos who makes a kit designed for retrofit on old VWs.

The retractor would mount on the floor, perhaps using the existing outside bolt. The belt would go up to a pivot bracket. There would have to be a modification to the car for the pivot bracket, and an interesting question is where this should be placed. The optimum height would place it in the B pillar, but that was not designed to do that job, so it is probably not strong enough. Andover has instructions for a convertible installation that are probably the best compromise. Thanks to Craig Pierce for the links, conversation and pictures of his installation.

P.E. Products has some alternate lower attach point hardware. Thanks to Harry Danberg for that info.

My Installation

Within a week of purchasing my 912 I had installed new seatbelts. I was not comfortable with old lap belts at all. I wanted three point belts with inertia reels.

I bought them through Strasse.

Part Problem or Addition Mileage Cost
SK1093 Left 3-point inertia seat belt kit. 105695 $190
SK1094 Right 3-point inertia seat belt kit 105695 $190
SK3000 Eye Bolt. Washers Nut Kit. These are new floor mounting bolts for the seat belts. 105695 $26

Check the inside of the rear wheel wells for rust damage on the factory shoulder attach point.

Is keeping the functionality of the rear seats important to you? If so, my solution is not good because the inertia reel is so large that the rear seat backs can not be changed between flat and their upright position. I use the rear seat area for package storage, not passengers, so the inertia reels seat belts are a great solution for both safety and comfort.

One problem with the factory eye bolt positions is they are too high off the floor. Moving them lower would eliminate any possible chance to submarine under the lap belt in case of an accident.
021901-218 The original bolt was removed with a 12 point 8 mm socket wrench. This is a useful tool since it works for the door strikers also.

You can see that the inertia reel is large enough to interfere with the rear seat backs.
021901-220 Here is the lower end from the inertia reels. The buckles are like those on airplanes.
021901-221 The vendor required new eye bolts to be purchased. The old ones are flat at the ends and are covered with black plastic. The new ones have a circular cross section and fit the connectors properly.
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