Porsche Type 718 RSK

The further development of the 550 with much nicer lines but the same form factor was the Type 718 RSK which first appeared in 1957. It had the same wheelbase as the 550A but a lower body. The earliest versions had vertical fins on the rear fenders.

Models still racing:

 # Chassis Year Driver/Owner Comments
 17  1958 Eduardo Baptista 1958 RSK. Mexico, Mexico. Monterey Historics, 2000, 2002
 17 718-033 1958 Warren Eads Set up in a center seat configuration.
 20 718-041 1960 Rob Walton The first RS 60 ever produced
 29 718-005 1957   Early Type 718 RSK
 42 718-043   Porsche Museum Car Seen at the Porsche exhibition, Monterey Historics 1998
 55 718-054 1960 Dan Baker RS-60. San Francisco, CA. Monterey Historics, 2000
 65     Porsche Museum Car Seen at the Porsche exhibition, Monterey Historics 1998
 92  1959 Roy Walzer Litchfield, CT. 1587 cc. Seen at Monterey Historics, 2000, 2002


cl15-15 No. 29. One of the first RSK.
cl15-12 No. 29. Furhmann engine
cl15-13 No. 29. Engine, transmission and suspension detail.
c043-969-11 No. 17. Monterey Historics, 2000.
cl16-08 No. 17. Eduardo Baptista. Seen at Monterey Historics, 2001.
cl46-09 Ranson Webster's 1958 RSK
cl46-10 Seen at the 2002 Hillsboro Concours.
cl60-01 Warren Eads 1750cc RSK
cl60-02 Set up in a center seat configuration.

RS 60

For 1960, the wheel base was increased 4 inches, a taller framed windshield and a 'luggage compartment' was mandated by the FIA. 14 were produced, half of which were shipped to the U.S. All had the 4 cyl Fuhrmann 4 cam engine.

The first race and first win was the 1960 12 Hours of Sebring driven by Hans Hermann and Oliver Gendebien. 2nd was another RS-60 driven by Holbert/Scheckter/Fowler.
c039-287-19 Seen at the 1998 Palo Alto Concours.
c338-016-07 No. 42. RS-60 Monterey Historics, 1998. Porsche Museum Car.
c043-969-01 No. 55. Monterey Historics, 2000.
cl15-24 No. 55. Monterey Historics, 2001

RS 61

c338-016-09 No. 65. W-RS Spyder 'Grossmutter', #718-047. Monterey Historics, 1998. From the Porsche Museum.
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