Rocker Panel Restoration

Replacement Panels

I bought some restoration panels before selecting the vendor. Several were not used and another was not bent correctly. If you decide to go this route, be sure to check them carefully before use.

The door jam is interesting because it includes a recess for the oil filler latch that was found on some later 911s. That detail is not right for the 912.
020502-1046 Outside of door jam.
020502-1049 Inside of the door jam showing the captured nuts for the striker plate.
020504-1053 Rust damage on the passengers door jam. I knew about this when I bought the car, but bought it anyway. I think I would not do it again knowing what I now know about the cost of body work.

Passenger Door Sill Repair

The restoration part was stamped incorrectly which was not discovered until the part was welded in place and the door replaced. It had a taper on the flat surface of a half an inch. It must be cut back out and an OEM part installed. The good news is that the inner rocker panel and the jack points are sound.
020504-1055 There is additional evidence of rust around the striker plate. I hope this is a separate problem from the one below it.
020606-1189 The deco has been removed showing the rust damage under it.
020625-1284 Cut out the damaged metal.
020621-1260 View of front of passenger side sill with molding and door seal removed.
020625-1271 The new door jam welded in. This restoration part was not correct for my car. It had an indentation at the top which was for a '72 911, a model that has a oil filler in the fender. This was solved by sawing off the piece just above the mounting holes for the striker plate.
020718-1315 Now the outer rocker panel has been installed, the metal work is finished and the primer coats are being sanded.
020724-1319 Here is the final result. Looks pretty nice.
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