Adjusting Gearshift Linkage

Adjusting the Linkage

  • 1. Remove retaining screws from cover in rear of center tunnel and withdraw cover.
  • 2. Loosen hex bolt in shift rod clamp.
  • 3. Move selector shaft of internal shift lever in transmission all the way left to stop while in neutral position.

    ("Right" or "Left" is in direction of travel)
  • 4. With transmission in neutral, move the gearshift lever to the right to stop.
  • 5. Tighten hex bolt of clamp to 2.5 mkp (18 lbs/ft). (Insert serrated washer under the hex nut).
  • 6. Check adjustment by shifting all gears. Also check play in the gearshift linkage.

    (Gearshift level play should be the same in all gears in all directions).
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