Parts Obsolete Campout - The Trip

030605-2371 Tent, sleeping bags and air mattresses. A car cover and cleaning rags. Tool bag with spares. Extra oil. A bag of clean clothes and a tooth brush.
030605-2376 The motel in Dunnsmere is one that Asha and I have stayed at for a number of trips to southern Oregon to see friends. As we drove in to the motel, a couple in a 356 from Southern California had just checked in."Are you going to the campout?".
rh_po-6--13 Mt. Shasta on the fly.
030606-2377 There are many rest stops on Interstate 5 north of Sacramento, perhaps every 50 miles. This one is where the Klamoth river crosses the interstate.
030606-2384 Here we found some greenery outlined by a shaft of light through the trees.
030606-2387 When we got to Eugene, Oregon, we joined with Jaems Thomsen in his very nice silver 912 who led us through the Willamette valley back roads to the Emory's place.
030606-2390 On the way we stopped several times. This was at an antique gas station. By the time 912s were being built in the 60's such pumps were rare but there were still a few in commercial operation.
030606-2394 'Rick's Garage' with my brother Rick talking to Jaems Thomsen in the back ground.
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