Parts at Parts Obsolete Campout 2003

The pictures do not give any sense at all of the rows and rows of shelves with boxes of small parts. These become overwhelming after a while. How does Gary remember what he has and how can he find it?
030206-2438 Coco Matts
030606-2398 4 Cylinder engine cases
030606-2400 4 Cylinder heads
030606-2402 One of several containers containing parts
030606-2404 900 series doors
030606-2405 914 engines
030606-2406 Fenders
030606-2407 Bumpers, doors and hoods.
030606-2408 Hanging body parts.
rh_po-8--24 Doors
030606-2410 914 doors.
030606-2428 900 series doors.
030606-2429 Bumpers
030606-2432 Bumper skirts.
030606-2435 Small parts in bottles.
030606-2437 Window regulators.
030606-2439 Door frames.
030606-2440 900 Series inner rear panel.
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