Cars at the Campout

030607-2509 There were two Beck Spyders. This one has a blown (as in exhaust driven turbo charger) fuel injected engine.
rh_po-5-24 rh_po-5-24
rh_po-5-26 rh_po-5-26
rh_l13-07 Nice Minilite wheels on this 356.
030606-2446 030606-2446
030606-2447 030606-2447
0306062449 0306062449
030607-0025 030607-0025
030606-2419 030606-2419
030606-2444 030606-2444
030607-2603 030607-2603
rh_po-8--22 Hot engine setup on a VW Beetle.
l76-03 Bev Snazelle's Porsche 912.
l76-05 Bev is from Canby, Oregon.
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