Camping out at Parts Obsolete

030609-1834 And we got this neat T-shirt.
030606-2478 The water truck kept the dust down.
030607-2476 Buy a gear shift knob, get a free beer for $2.00. Or you could do like I did and just buy a beer for $2.00.
030607-2602 Live music
030607-2632 Rick taking his morning meds.
030607-2614 There were even a couplt of lamas.
030607-2642 Recycled Beetle.


030606-2443 It was hot in Oregon in June, reaching 104 deg on Friday afternoon.
030607-2480 Kelly's campsite with his '67 912 in the morning light.
030607-2629 Our campsite.
rh_po-8--17 Dave cleaning the morning dew off the 912.
030607-2636 There is a lot of water that collects in the window corners from the dew. If your rear window seals are not perfect, the water can leak into interior part of the car and cause rust that will not be seen until it is way too late.


030607-2624 VW camper.
030607-2625 You can sleep on top of the car. Complete with ladder.
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