Parts Heaven Councours & Swap Oct 2000

909-299-10 Todd Farley brought his 1969 912 from Woodside.
909-299-12 The engine on Todd's car was rebuilt in 1999.
909-299-8 There are often cars for sale at these events, particularly the swap meets at Parts Heaven and at the Carlsen event.
909-299-14 And for the do-it yourself crowd, there were a couple of project cars that their owners had run out of patience with including a 356 speedster and this 1967 912.
909-299-16 The Maestro from HCP Research and his well known gold plated engine. He is a great conversationalist and has an unbelievable wealth of knowledge. He once pointed out that the bolt that holds my generator on the engine was facing the wrong way.
909-299-17 And here is the gold plated engine mentioned above.
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