Parts Heaven Swap and Concours, June 2002


l49-23 Only one 912, Ken Brown's '66. He won first in class and was the judges choice for best of show at the recent Diablo Wash and Shine (which we didn't get to).
l49-26 Note the flat black paint under the grill on Ken's car. This is a detail that my car does not have. This was a short cut taken when my car was repainted in the '70s.
l49-21 There was a nice early 911.
l49-20 The engine on the 911.

Swap Meet

My conclusion about the swap meet is one really needs to know what he is looking for. I had good luck the first year, but haven't really gotten anything of importance since.
l50-11 Occasionally I get asked about manuals. Here they are. Go to a swap meet.
l50-12 Tim and Ryan (both 912 owners) on the left talking to Dave Worm, a friend of Ryan's.
l50-15 A $500 parts car. No engine. A new fender costs $800 up. A parts car can be a terrific bargain if it has just a few parts you might need.

Some time ago, Ryan managed to find a parts car for $150 that was complete with engine and transmission. That was a steal! For example it had European Marchal head lamps. The H4s are about $125 each. That alone paid for the car.
l51-06 Parting out the engine a piece at a time. We saw Harry Pellow buying some 4-cylinder cam shafts.
l50-16 The parking lots are always fun to look at. Here is a 914-6 that is part of an estate sale. The other car being sold is a 911E.
l50-17 Here is a nice '71 911T. He's asking $11K according to the sign in the window.

Beck Spyders

These are kit cars, mostly made in Brazil, and are replicas of the Porsche RS550 Spyder.
l51-05 These cars have a lot of eye appeal. They are week-end fun cars with an active Bay area community.
l50-03 Several of them have references to the 'Lil Bastard', a reference to the famous spyder that James Dean was killed in.
l51-02 They are not all fiber glass. Note the aluminum in the passenger's foot well.
l51-03 The real one also has a spare tire under the rear grill.
l50-02 This one has a 911 engine.
l50-04 A VW engine with a 911 fan shroud. The external oil cooler is set up for racing.
l50-08 Another variation on the same theme. This time the oil coolers seem like a cleaner installation, but that exhaust system rather spoils the effect doesn't it?
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