Parts Heaven Concours and Swap Meet, June 2001

061001-380 There must have been 20 cars for sale, displayed either in the swap meet area or in the parking areas. This 911 is pretty close to being ready to be painted. The owner was accepting bids starting at $6000.
061001-382 There were a couple of 912 for sales from this one in poor condition...
061001-398 ... to this one in excellent condition.

Besides these, there were a number of 914, 944 and 911s available. Swap meets like this one always seem to be places where you can find a candidate if you are in the market for a Porsche.
061001-385 Besides cars there are all sorts of parts. This year it seemed as though every booth had wheels and tires. Want to put 18 in. low profile Bridgestone's on your 912? Buy 'em here. Hint - they won't fit.

I saw a set of Fuchs that would fit a 912 for $650 with tires. How do you tell the copycat Fuchs from the real thing?
061001-383 Finding parts of interest requires a lot of searching and asking questions. Get there early before the choice bits are gone. Here we have headlight parts, and silver wiper blades.
061001-386 Re-chromed rear quarter window latches from $75 up.

How about that missing wrench to fill out the original tool kit?
061001-384 Power 944 seats for $100??. Hard to believe - even if they don't work! The knowledgeable and patient buyer can find some real bargains. I seem to be too impatient to take much advantage of the opportunities but it is great fun even to try to identify a lot of the pieces let along understanding why they are for sale. One man's junk must be another man's treasure (aren't those words to a song or something?).
061001-388 With some nice looking paint you can enter the wash and shine division. This is Ron Simon's 1968 912. I did not stick around to find out if he won a prize, but just entering a near original car will give you a lot of feedback from the judges to know what they are looking for.

The daily driver's need not apply. I'm sure that the original seats and steering wheel safely home in my garage would not gain me any points.
061001-395 An arc of 911 metallic paint. Gorgeous!
061001-394 Our host for this event is Parts Heaven a great source for used parts. You can see why.
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