Parts Heaven Concours and Swap Meet 2000

080-918-22 The swap meet covered the length of a city block with perhaps 25 tables.
181-529-3 The 911 was for sale. There were several cars available. This is probably a good place to find a car at a reasonable price, although the ones at this show were either in poor or excellent condition, with prices to match. It has been said that any concours level car is $30,000 (unless it is a an early 70s RS America).
181-529-4 On the street there was a 912 for sale for $3500.
181-529-1 There were two 912s entered in the concours.
181-529-7 One of the several beautifully prepared 356s.
080-918-24 This is an earlier car than mine as you can tell from the 4 screw horn grills.
080-918-23 This is a later car than mine as you can tell from the rubber on the bumper guards. As I remember, it was a '67.
080-918-25 Everyone seems to have the non-painted wheel cover emblems. Mine are enameled which was a factory option. Mine would look better if changed to these.
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