Palo Alto Concours d'Elegance June, 2003

The Palo Alto Concours d'Elegance for 2003 was interesting as usual. We have been going to this event every year since 1998. This year, the special interst groups were Corvettes, Bugattis and race cars. CSRG was invited and John Thorntons #902 was there. In addition there were 2 912 shown both of which we have seen before.
030622-2762 Here are the two 912, Ken Brown's and Harry Serreno. We last saw Ken's car at Fresno and Harry's car a year ago at the Hillsboro Concours.
030622-2853 Micheal, a new 912 owner comparing notes with Ken.
030622-2829 There was a special display of Airstreams.
030622-2865 030622-2865
030622-2769 How about a hot rod made from a fire engine.
030622-2775 31 years in the making and not done yet.

Special Interest

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