Palo Alto Concours d'Elegance 2002

The 36th Annual Palo Alto Conccours d'Elegance was again held on the Stanford Campus Sunday, June 23, 2002. The featured marks were Cadillac on their 100th anniversary and Alfa Romeo.

As usual there where some extraorginary Porsches that caught my eye, but the Alfa's were of interest to me also because back in the 60's I owned a bright red Alfa Guliette Spyder for a few years. I remember that car with great fondness.


l52-18 Ken Brown's '66 912.
l53-20 Arturo Bejar's 1973 Carrera RS
l53-23 Ernie King's 1970 914-6. This car is set up for the track. Note the fenders and roll cage.
l52-21 Don Masero's modified 1964 356C.
l52-23 The wheels are spares from a 964. He said the first one was easy to find and the last was pretty hard.
020623-1267 Don has a new engine in his 356. This car is driven. He has over 4000 miles on the engine.
l53-01 Susan Burnett's 1960 356B. This car was a class winner in 2001.
l53-07 Bob Grigsby's 1958 356 Speester with some Alfas in the back ground.
l53-09 The reflection in Bob hub cap is Wes Morrill's 356.
l53-04 Wes Morrill's 1963 356. We've seen this car at the Palo Alto Concour and the Monterey Concour last year. Diane Morrill gave Wes the car for his birthday in 1990. It was restored in 2000 and has taken first place honors several times since the in Zone 7 shows.
l53-05 Diane runs the 356 Registry Goodie Store which has all sorts of logo'd clothes, badges and decals. Here we some decals on their car.

Alfa Romeo

l54-02 1959 Alfa Giulietta Spider owned by Loretta and Robert Wallace.
l54-04 This is the twin brother of one I owned in the early 60's. DOHC, huge drum brakes, and flat out gorgeous.


l54-06 Porsche 959. Twin turbo flat 6. DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder. 576 HP.
l54-10 McLaren F1. V12, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder. 627 HP.


l54-14 Austin Mini Cooper S.
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