Palo Alto Concours 2000

Unfortunately, there was only enough battery left in my camera to take two pictures at this show. There were 2 912s, many 356s and other Porsches.

The Guards Red 912 owned by Don Massaro, Atherton, CA. shown below was also at the Palo Alto Concours in 1998 and raised my interest level because it was the a 1997 model just like the one I bought in 1971 in Oregon. This car won its class (R2 Series Porsches) and is a near perfect example of a complete restoration. This car is only shown, not driven. It is beautiful, and is easily the best restoration I've seen on a 912.
181-529-22 Here is the engine area interior of this fine car.
181-529-23 Detail of bumper showing the rubber body seal. This was missing on my car and has since been replaced.
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