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Gallery - Juha Virtala

Juha Virtala

Juha says:

Hi Dave,

How are you doing?

It seems that summer has finally come to Finland also.

Here's another picture of my 912, in her summer outfit this time.. I think she looks a lot better than in the Winter shot?

BR, Juha 20 Jun 2001
Juha Virtala

I would like to replace the signal lenses (all of them) on my '66 912.

Since they seem to be VERY rare and hard to find, I am looking for your help on this. There doesn't seem to be a company in Finland who would be importing them for pre-69 900- series. [Not so hard. They are in the parts supply chain in the U.S - Dave]

I attach a picture of my '66 912, in case you are interested. I believe this is bit different than you are use to in CA? (we have snow cover for 6-7 months.. and this morning -28 on Celsius scale) - 23 Feb 2001

Juha Virtala

I think this winter picture is a nice contrast to all those California pictures we normally see(?) (don't let the sunshine fool you. Yesterday, as well as today, we had sunshine, but -25C) I will attach a picture from our holiday home, to give you a feeling what it's like up here in the Spring.. - 26 Feb 2001
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