New Engine

We were offered a used engine for an acceptable price. It has 3000 miles after being rebuilt. The owner decided it did not have enough power and has built up a 911 engine to replace it.

It was represented to me thus:

  • NPR cylinders and pistons (1720cc ?)
  • A spare set of rings
  • 050 distributor
  • Rebuilt Solex carburetors
  • 10 over on the crank
  • Competition Engineering did the machine work
  • Balanced
  • Rebuilt generator
  • New clutch
  • 4 new exhaust valves
  • New push rods

The fan shroud is in bad shape (and was painted red) and will have to be replaced.

Initial View

Here is the engine when we picked it up. The serial number is 743621 which is a 1965 engine. The case casting number is 92920 (12/65 according to the Maestro's formula) and the engine type is a 616/36.
021215-1578 Rear View. Rebuilt generator. 050 distributor. '65-'66 engine mount.
021215-1579 Left Side. Solexes have been rebuilt.
021215-1580 Front View. New clutch.
021215-1581 Right Side.

Set up on an Engine Stand

021217-1595 Engine mounted on the engine stand.

Remove the Sheet Metal

021217-1594 Early carburetor heaters. Later engines had horns that direct warm air to the carbs.
021217-1596 Sheet metal and carbs removed.
021217-1599 There is a crack in the fan shroud.
021218-1600 Serial number is 743621.
021218-1601 All the top sheet metal removed.
021218-1602 Oil cooler looks dry and secure.

Clean Up and Inspect

021223-1638 Here is a view under the right hand valve cover. Looks fine.
021223-1642 Removed the exhaust system and the heater boxes and cleaned up the threads for the exhaust system.
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