The Naked Engine

What does a 912 engine look like with the sheet metal off?
030601-2363 A part number cast on the heads.
030617-2696 Solex intake manifolds
030617-2697 Solex intake manifolds and view of the spark plugs.
030617-2721 Detail of input manifold showing part number
030617-2722 Top of intake manifold
030617-2698 Showing the grommet for the crank case ventilator near number 2 cylinder.
030617-2699 View of the valve cover near number 2 cylinder.
030617-2700 Exhaust port for number 4 cylinder.
030617-2701 This is the early style oil cooler. They changed design several times over the years.
030617-2702 This design has a reputation to leak.
030617-2707 Detail of the oil cooler
030617-2703 Front pulley, serial number and detail of distributor mounting. Serial number shown is 743621
030617-2704 Front piece.
030617-2705 Distributor mounting.
030617-2706 Oil Temperature and pressure .
030617-2709 Push Rod Tubes
030617-2711 Another view of push rod tubes
030617-2710 Oil Strainer Plate on the bottom of the engine.
030617-2712 Detail near the drain plug on the bottom of the engine.
030617-2713 Numbers near the oil cooler
030617-2720 Boss on top rear of the engine
030617-2714 View of the case bosses showing case casting number and the engine type.
030617-2716 616/36 indicates a '66-'67 engine. 92920 is the case casting number suggesting the casting was made in September of 1965. That data can be found in Harry Pellow's book 'Secrets of the Inner Circle'.
030617-2708 Clutch bolted on the flywheel.
030617-2717 Clutch and flywheel.
030617-2719 Top of the Oil Level
030617-2723 Third piece showing oil pressure relief valves.
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