About Dave's 912

In May, 2000, we bought a one owner '66 912 with 5K (105K) miles showing on the speedometer that has been driven very little in the last few years (there is an oil sticker showing 93086 on 3/26/81). It had been stored in a garage for the last 10 years.

It is now a daily driver, kept in near original condition as modified by the needs of safety and comfort. We have no plans to make it a concours car, but neither do we want to destroy the potential to do so.

Hemmings Motor News called the 912 a Collectors Sleeper Car in 2000.

This is one of nine Porsches that have been in our family. The first was a '67 912 purchased in October, 1971 (Vin 355111) which fulfilled a long love affair with the mark. The latest is Asha's 2002 Boxster in our garage. This '66 car takes me back to those early roots.

Here are some more pictures of our 1966 912. The first group were taken on the day that we brought it home in May, 2000.
080-809-23 Front veiw.
080-809-24 Drivers front corner.
080-809-25 Passenger front corner.
044-077-19 Rear view. 18 May '00
044-077-20 Left Rear View. 18 May '00
044-077-21 Right Rear View. 18 May '00
044-077-22 Engine View. The engine is very stock and did not run that well. 18 May '00
651-361-06a Here is the engine after installation of Dynmaat sound damping. The air cleaner was temporarily removed to ease working on the engine.
044-077-23 Engine View. 18 May '00
044-077-25 Bumper detail. Some plastic caps and a rubber strip are missing. The rubber body to lid seal has been replaced. 18 May '00
110400-35 Here is a side view which I took in part to document how level the car is front to back. It would handle better if the nose was lower. 4 Nov '00.
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