Monterey Concours July 2001

The councours tour continues, this weekend in Monterey. There was a great turnout of 356 cars including some very fine show cars.
L8-5 Down the line they were beginning to judge the 356's. Reach way in behind the engine and check for dirt where no eyes can pry.
L8-8 Here is the subject coupe. We saw this car at the Palo Alto Concours a couple of weeks ago.
L8-2 The old and the new. Nice contrast between early speedster and much later 911.
L8-7 And next to the black speedster was a red coupe.
L7-18 1972 911T converted to a track car with all the trimmings of an RS. This car is gorgeous and I was told it is fine on the race track. The owner has spent 2 years building it up. This car was in the display area, not judged and was one of two early 911 that showed up.
L8-1 With the strong representation of 356's there was lots of associated goodies to buy.
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