Monterey Bay Region Zone Concours 2000

Asha and I drove the Boxster to this event which took place at the park north of fishermans wharf. There were about 25 cars shown including one 912 that I had not seen before.
104-069-37 July 23, 2000 showing a very nice black 356 in the foreground.
104-069-34 Ken Brown's nice 912 front view.
104-069-35 Rear view. This was the only 912 at the show and is a late 1995 or early 1966 model.
104-069-36 Head light detail. This is the Bosch replacement light with euro-style cover.
104-069-33 Front bumper detail. My car is missing the bumper end caps shown here.
104-069-32 Rear bumper detail.
104-069-39 The engine room. Several differences compared to mine.
104-069-40 Detail of the rain shield mounting detail. This part is missing from my car.
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