Momo Steering Wheel

Here are some pictures of the Momo Steering wheel.

The preliminary report: Smaller in diameter makes small hand movements translate into quicker steering; the car seems more responsive. The larger thickness is much more natural to hands that are conditioned by the modern Boxster and Disco designs. I like the appearance and will take a picture so you can judge for yourself. That part is good. The hub design makes the wheel collapsible in a collision. It may be safer than the old one.

However, the smaller wheel diameter also obscures the top right quadrant of the speedometer. You have to peek around it to see the pointer at freeway speeds. The mounting hub puts the steering wheel closer to the driver so turn signals are further away than before. My fingers have waved empty air instead of signaling a couple of times. These negatives caused a comfortable transition to the new wheel to be a bit longer than I expected.

Do not forget to unhook the battery before removing the old wheel.

I found a short board braced against a spoke on the wheel and the floor was needed before I could break the steering column nut free.

More details are included with the pictures.


momo04 The wheels should be oriented straight ahead before removing the old wheel. I find installing the hub easiest before the wheel is mounted.
momo03 A side view of the mounted hub. Be sure the turn signal cancel tab on the hub is oriented to the left before mounting the wheel.
momo02 Next add the rubber corrugated sleeve.
momo01 Here is the final result.
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