Porsche has a strong racing heritage that we really have not followed over the years. The opportunity to see race cars is primarily at the near-by Laguna Seca track and the Monterey Historics each summer. The great thing about this experience is that we are able to visit the paddock, take pictures and even talk to the participants.

Not all the pictures are of race cars. There are some very nice examples of 356 and even some show cars.

  • 356 models includes the beautiful Abarth Carrera.
  • 550 spyders. The James Dean car.
  • 904 was a beautiful fiberglass car designed by 'Butzi' Porsche.
  • 906 The Carrera
  • 910 The 910 was a development of the 906.
  • 908
  • 911 based cars.
  • 917
  • 934/935
  • 936 3 built. One in private hands. 1st Le Mans, 1976.
  • 959 street super car.
  • 956/962 racing cars. One of the most successful designs ever. They won Le Mans 7 times.
  • GT2 street car, seen at the dealer.

The 24 Hrs of Le Mans has been the single race most emphasized by Porsche since 1951 as it blends reliability and performance. They have an outstanding history and participation at the event.
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