Removing and Installing Exhaust Muffler


This procedure refers specifically to the German/Swedish version of the heating system.
  • 1. Remove both supports for engine rear shield.
  • 2. Loosen the four exhaust pipe clamps behind the heat exchangers.
  • 3. Loosen and remove supporting straps in the center of the muffler.
  • 4. Pull muffler back to remove, loosening stuck pipe connections


Installation is accomplished in reversed order, of the above by noting the following points:

  • 1. Inspect muffler and exhaust pipes prior to installation for leaks or possible damage.
  • 2. Straighten flattened or bent pipes. The welded joint between the muffler and the rear exhaust pipe is particularly exposed to collision damage. Exhaust gases escaping through any cracks at this point can enter the engine compartment and with the heater on, the car's interior.
  • 3. Use new gaskets.
  • 4. Ensure that a good gas-seal is achieved at the front pipe connecting points. If the mating flanges are not straight, straighten prior to installation.
  • 5. With the engine installed, the exhaust muffler must not touch the body,
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