912 Manual Replace Hoses, Ducts and Gates

Air Hose Connecting Duct


912_fig_65 Detach heating hose.
912_fig_66 Show how to disconnect the Euro hoses.


912_fig_67 How to adjust the Euro Hose Installation


Installing Lower Duct with Air Gates

This is for the export heater. The following points should be observed when installing the lower air duct:
912_fig_68 The air gates, located in the lower air duct must be so adjusted that they perform the opening and closing functions in unison. Ensure that the large air gate flaps are positioned approx 10 mm (2/5in.) from the bottom of the ducts when the small air gate flap is fully closed. Upon mounting the lower ducts at the engine, check for proper functioning of the air gates and readjust if necessary.

Installing Air Gate Assembly

The following points should be observed when installing the air gate assembly:
912_fig_69 Check for proper seating of the 2,5 mm-thick cork gasket.

Check heating hose attachment for air-tightness and firm seating with the help of the hose clamp.
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