Inspecting Clutch Assembly


The Fichtel-Sachs MX 200 K clutch has been designed without provision for repair or overhaul. The clutch inspection is, therefore, limited to a thorough visual examination of the component parts.
912_fig_178 1. Clean the clutch.

2. Check diaphragm spring segments for wear in the throwout bearing contact area. Groove formation up to a depth of O. 3mm (0.012 in) may be disregarded.

3. Check pressure plate contact surface for cracks, scorching, or wear. Pressure plates warped inward up to 0,3 mm (0.012 in) (see illustration) are still serviceable.
912_fig_179 4. Check attachment points of diaphragm spring and spring housing for cracks. Check rivets for firm seating. Clutch assemblies with damaged or loose rivet connections must be replaced.
912_fig_180 5. The diaphragm spring is riveted to the spring housing with two wire ring spacers in between.

Clutch assemblies. showing visible wear at the rivet heads or at the wire ring spacers should be replaced.

6. Lightly coat the diaphragm spring seat at the wire ring seating area with MoS2 paste prior to installation.
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