Clutch R/R


  1. Remove engine and detach from transmission.
  2. Evenly loosen clutch retaining bolts, slackening each by one or two turns at a time and switching in a cross sequence until the spring pressure is relieved, to a void distortion of spring housing.
  3. Withdraw clutch assembly.
  4. Withdraw clutch disc,


Installation is accomplished in reversed order of the above by noting the following points:
  1. Clean clutch contact surface in flywheel and check for wear, If necessary reface surface and polish with fine polishing cloth. Replace flywheel if excessively worn.
  2. Check clutch disc for lining wear, lateral run out, and evenly working undulated spacers between both lining discs. Devote special attention to riveted joints securing flange to disc, If necessary, replace complete clutch disc assembly.
  3. Check torsion damper for firm seating and inspect springs for cracks. If in defective condition, replace clutch disc assembly.
  4. Inspect clutch assembly.
  5. Check throwout bearing for wear and smooth rotation, replace if necessary.
  6. Check control fork seat in transmission housing for wear and good seating, repair if defective.
  7. Fill bushing in gland nut at flywheel with approx, 2 cc (.12 cu, in,) graphite grease or MoS2 compound,
  8. Install clutch disc with the aid of an arbor or a shortened transmission input shaft.
  9. Push clutch assembly onto aligning dowels in flywheel. If the flywheel is not provided with dowel pins, align clutch assembly with the help of P 219 locating arbor.
  10. Evenly tighten clutch retaining bolts, turning each by one or two turns at a time in a cross sequence to avoid distortion of spring housing, Use only 10 K hex bolts with lock washers, Torque bolts to 3,5 mkp (25,3 lbs/ft).
  11. With transmission attached to the engine pull clutch control lever in direction of arrow, The distance between the lever and transmission housing should still be not less than 20 mm (4/5 in,),
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