912 Manual Cooling System Replace

Remove Air Blower Housing

912_fig_57 Detatch the throttle linkage.
912_fig_58 Remove carburetors, throttle linkage and generator retaining strap.
912_fig_59 Detach oil filter.
912_fig_60 Disconnect distributor and retaining screws from the side shrouds.
912_fig_61 Lift the blowing howing away.

Install Air Blower

Install the air blower housing in reversed order of the above by noting the following points:

1. The cover shrouds must join their counterparts with good fit to preclude loss of cooling air.

2. With engine installed, properly connect the generator cables.

3. Adjust carburetor linkage.

4. Check gasket at the oil filler stack, replace if necessary.
Last modified: Mon, 17 Jan 2005


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