Checking and Adjusting Crankshaft End Play

Special Tools

P 17 Dial gauge holder, for mea suring end play in assembled engine.

Checking End Play

End play should be 0,14 - 0,17 mm ( 0.0055 to 0.0067 in), wear limit 0,22 mm ( 0.0087 in). End play should be adjusted before installing the crankshaft. The use of more than one soft iron gaskets is not permissible.
  • 1. Properly position Bearing 1 on Journal 1
  • 2. Install spacer of calculated thickness. The spacers are available in thicknesses from 0,8 to 1.05 mm (0.0315 to 00413 in) and are marked alphabetically from A through F.
  • 3. Attach flywheel to crankshaft and torque gland nut to 45-50 mkp (326-362 lbs/ft).
  • 4. Measure end play with feeler gauge.
912_fig_170 End play is measured at the crankshaft pulley when the engine is installed in vehicle, and at the flywheel when the engine is removed. In both cases use a dial gauge mounted in P 17 holder. When measuring end play at the crankshaft pulley, attach gauge holder to a stud in the timing gear cover; when measuring at the flywheel, attach the holder to the engine mounting flange by means of a bolt.

Calculating End Play

  1. Place gauge base on the end of the crankshaft and measure distance from crankshaft end to the thrust flank of Bearing 1 (crankshaft pushed to flywheel).
  2. Place gauge base on the flywheel hub and measure depth of seat (flywheel hub takes up the thrust, hub seat rests on crankshaft end).
  3. From the difference between both readings, and considering the thickness of the soft iron gasket, the thickness of the required spacer may be determined.

    The soft iron gasket thickness is 0.10 - O. 14 mm (0.004 - 0.006 in) The use of more than one soft iron gaskets is not permissible.


(1 mm = 0.03937 in.)

 Crankshaft-end to Bearing 1 thrust flank  4.015 mm
 Crankshaft seat depth in flywheel hub   - 3.025 mm
  O.990 mm
 Soft iron gasket thickness  + 0.100 mm
  1.090 mm
 Required end play  - 0.140 mm
 Spacer Thickness =  0.950 mm
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