Disassembling and Reassembling Crankshaft

Special Tools:

  • VW 161a Lock ring pliers, for removing and installing gear lock ring on crankshaft.
  • VW 202 Puller with
    • VW 202a Puller jaws
    • VW 202f Block -- for removing gears from crankshaft
  • VW 310a Crankshaft bench mount
  • VW 427 Guide tube, for installing camshaft drive gear, spacer. and distributor drive gear on crankshaft.
  • VW 428 Tapered guide tube, for installing gear lock ring on crankshaft

Specifications for Plain Bearing Crankshaft

 Stroke  mm  74 (2.913 in)
  Connecting rod journal diameter mm  53 (2.0866 in)
 Main bearing journal diameter  mm  Bearing 1: 50 mm (1.9685 in)
    Bearing 2: 55 mm (2.1654 in)
    Bearing 3: 55 mm (2.1654 in)
    Bearing 4: 40 mm (1.5748 in)


  1. Install crankshaft in VW 310a bench mount (mount has 8 seating holes).
  2. Remove connecting rods (51 En).
  3. Using VW 161a lock ring pliers, remove gear lock ring from crankshaft.
  4. Remove distributor drive gear, spacer, and camshaft drive gear from crankshaft using VW 202 puller with VW 202a puller jaws and VW 202f block, Minor scoring in the seating surface should be removed with care although the dressing must not impair the press fit of the gears,


Reassembly is accomplished in reversed order of the above by noting the following points:

  1. Check crankshaft for whip, cracks (acoustical sound test), or wear, Replace crankshaft if necessary, The crankshaft may be reground.

    The crankshaft can only be reground at the factory.
  2. To simplify reassembly, mark insert of Bearing 1 at the crankcase joint (this aids in locating the dowel pin seat).
  3. Insert Woodruff key for camshaft and distributor drive gears.
  4. Inspect camshaft drive gear for wear and tooth contact, heat to 80 deg C (176 deg F), and press onto crankshaft, with chamfered side facing flywheel, using VW 427 guide tube.
  5. Check distributor drive gear for wear, replace if necessary. Heat gear to 80 deg F (176 deg F) and press onto crankshaft using VW 427 guide tube.
  6. Install gear lock ring on crankshaft, use VW 428 tapered guide tube to prevent damaging the bearing journal. Check gears for firm seating when cool.
  7. Clear oil galleries with compressed air, flush with oil.
  8. Install connecting rods.
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